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Affordable and efficient IT solutions delivered by highly skilled displaced individuals, newcomers & transitioning employees.

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About Us

We are a team of professionals based in the Netherlands, seeking to create opportunities for displaced individuals, fresh graduates, and employees that are transitioning to a new sector.

Our Founder

Meewerk is led by Jack Wilmore, a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and a refugee in The Netherlands. He has experienced many people around him facing difficulty integrating into their profession after being displaced from their home country. Them facing this gap despite their technical education was an issue of concern. Meewerk was thus born to enable new career chapters for highly skilled newcomers.

The Meewerk Approach

Our teams are skilled in Data Science, Full Stack Development, AWS & DevOps. We also induct graduates from the Clarusway and HackYourFuture programs. We match our talent with work opportunities provided by established firms in the IT sector, teaming them up with senior professionals and assigning them real-world projects.

Why Meewerk?

We offer good value at a fair price. While our clients benefit from efficient and cost-effective IT solutions, our teams gain valuable work experience in the process, entering into rewarding new careers.

Our IT Skills

Some of Our Clients


We delivered a custom product for managing 4 different parties in their database : Clients, Professionals, Connectors and Sponsors. Different log-in pages and dashboards were created for each party.


We delivered a new website for Stichting Humaner.


"We, as Humaner, are very happy to collaborate with Meewerk in delivering our web services. Their junior and senior developers work together effectively to run our projects."
Rob Jansen

Our Partners

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